Ashti Ma Parithosh

Additional Info

  • Availability: from 9:00 AM at 9:00 PM

  Ashti has developed her work and knowledge over the past 19 years in Brazil and Europe.
  She has experienced and lived the teachings of Osho,  always seeking the spiritual path, transforming and integrating therapeutic work into her spiritual practice, covering human development in all spheres of its being.

Specialization in:

Californian Massage
Four Hands
Hot Stone Massage
Access Bars®

  Other courses that add to her experience: Reiki Level I and II, Basic course of Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc(level I with Mary Burmeister); she also concluded the  first module of the course of harmonization of the Aura , and attended (for 3 years)  The Raja Yoga Brahma Kumaris. Currently she is practicing yoga,  is a facilitator in Access Bars® ,has studied Quantum Physics since 2016 and shares her knowledge for healing with love.