Dream Massage

Additional Info

  • Duration: 1h
  • Price: R$ 260

  The only complete and versatile holistic method that uses the benefits of the six best massage techniques (Swedish, Californian, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Terapêuticae Lymphatic Drainage) even including Reiki.
  Uses the best therapeutic power of the hands, increasing the body's ability to regenerate itself, bringing together the influence of Western experiences with the ancient Eastern traditions. Harmonic relaxing movements carry you, like in a dance, to a sensory experience shared with the physical and mental body.
  The Dream Massage works the vegetative nervous system on the subtle energy, preparing the muscles in a gradual manner to receive deep and accurate pressure motions. The physio therapeutic action causes full Spinal stretch relieving muscular aches.
  It tones the dorsal musculature, improving posture. Synchronized slow movements brings balance and deep relaxation, transporting you to an atmosphere of dreams. The aesthetic result is immediate: Skin radiance and relieved fluid retention in the body, bringing out the authentic inner beauty that is immune within us.(The massage is done with the Regenerating Body Oil -Weleda).